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This meeting with this prospective couple, Ben and Alisha, was going well. The three of us sat in the coffee shop sipping on our peppermint teas with ever-flowing conversation. We hopped between “getting-to-know-you” and “wedding planning” topics, smiling ear to ear accented with frequent bouts of laughter. It was such a good connection that I […]

Let the pro choose music for your wedding film – 8 reasons why

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He was all dressed and ready to go – clothes freshly ironed, tie expertly done by his brother, shoes all shined up. Ben couldn’t remember the last time he was dressed so sharp. He stood nervously, playing with his cufflinks as we waited for Sarah, his bride. He occasionally glanced over at people nearby milling […]

Unveiling the mystery of the First Look

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Since I started shooting weddings, I’ve gotten a chance to have conversations that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. One of those particular conversations goes something like this: Friend: Ryan, I really like your videos! Me: Thanks! I’m so glad you like them… ​Friend: I wish we had gotten videography for our wedding… ​ Some of […]

Friends don’t let friends get married without videography

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