Choosing a videographer - Part 3 - Sound experience -

Choosing a videographer – Part 3 – Sound experience

I don’t know what anyone else is telling you, but the absolute best way to do “storytelling” is through SOUND. Come at me 💪🏾.

And because of that, as you browse through choices for videographers, you need to be intentional. Evaluate how they treat, not just speaking throughout the day and music choice, but also the combination of those things.

(This, of course, is if you want a story-driven film for your event)

Now, I’m not asking you to become a film critic, but you should experience the video samples with a critical… ear 👂, thinking about how you’ll be able to enjoy your own piece five, ten and twenty years down the road.

Check out the thoughts in part 3 of the choosing a videographer series!

Would love to see your comments if you disagree with the storytelling idea above.

As we narrate together

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