Faces by Aperture Lane

As much as we love to help our couples feel comfortable being themselves in front of the lens, there’s always room for some show-stopping shots.

To get those glamorous shots, we employ a mix of creative lighting, fresh compositions and poses that make you go, “Dang! We look so good! Let's do this more often”. 

Comfy with a pinch of drama

It’s common for couples to reach out because, not only do they like the style, but they appreciate how beautiful skin tones look in our photos.

That’s so important when we edit, especially since we’re creating a timeless keepsake that will outlive filters and trends. In addition, you’ll receive a collection full of vibrant colours, bold contrast and edgy use of light. 

We love skin tones

Take a peak at these sample collections.


Our family and friends had only great things to say when we shared our video and photos with them. The quality is amazing, the work is timeless and I know we will cherish it forever.

Hiring Aperture Lane was one of the best decisions we have made.

• Shaya A.

If some of the photos resonated with you...