As an event videographer, I truly believe that if you're serious about preserving your special moments, video is your best bet. I also believe that stories can change people’s lives.

For me this started by capturing milestone moments in my life and in the lives of people in my spiritual community.  When the camera started going everywhere with me, I realized that videography is not a job for me - it’s a way of life. 

As a husband, father of twins, and an active member in my community, I understand how life’s moments can slip by. I slowly transitioned out of my language teaching career to pursue this new adventure of helping people preserve their significant moments. I combined training from world-class cinematographers and my own aptitude for language to carefully craft meaningful keepsakes for my clients. 

I take pride in being a videographer because I not only preserve visuals, but also the parts of life that are experienced with the ears. Having shot many weddings from different cultures, I realize that we all have that common desire to remember and share our lives.

You, whether you believe it or not, you have a story to tell, so I’m looking forward to discussing how I can capture yours. If it’s not your time to share, then please follow Aperture Lane on social media and see how stories can bring us all together.

Videography is life

•Talkative dinners with my wife and kids in our dining room
• Spending time with my church family
• Puns & dad jokes
• Nerdy conversations about foreign languages
• Savage memes and GIFs
• Trying new foods (I'll try anything!)
• Catching the perfect angle of someone’s face on camera
• A good RTS computer game (currently Starcraft II)
• Spy thrillers and actions series on Netflix
• Late night comedy (shout-outs to Trevor Noah!)
• Checking the little heart icon on Instagram
• Cinematic underscores and hip-hop track playing in my car


Things that light me up
(besides camera flashes)...

Meet The Core TEAM

I'm Andrea, the original “feminine touch” for our team here at Aperture Lane. I've been capturing moments since I was a kid. There’s nothing that warms my heart more than love, and what a great opportunity it is to be able to capture all that love through film! My favourite parts of the day are heartfelt chats with the parents of the couple, the appetizers during cocktail hour and watching the groom cry at the sight of his bride walking down the isle. My goal is to make you laugh, make you feel like movie stars, and leave you feeling like you’ve made a new friend at the end of the day.


I’m Tristan and I love everything to do with cameras. When I’m not chasing stories on my own or with Team Aperture Lane, I’m busy pursuing my degree in architecture. My journey as a videographer started by simply making short and funny films with my friends. From there, I fell in love with documenting stories and moments that I could look back on. My goal is to capture the moments in life that make us sit back and say, “life is great.”
My favourite parts of the day include the creative session, and hearing the vows. When I can afford to put down the camera, I do quality assurance of the hors d'oeuvres.


I’m Reva. For a long time I’ve used photography as a means of expressing myself, from special moments with family and friends, to documenting my travels, to getting the right angle for my food adventures on Instagram. I’m inspired by all things that have to do with beautiful light, colourful food, sincere people, and decorative spaces, thus making weddings the ultimate creative playground for me. So, when Ryan reached out to me to help him document with Aperture Lane, I enthusiastically accepted the challenge and I’ve been on this exciting journey of capturing stories. My favourite parts of the day include seeing the family’s reactions to the bride’s finished look, and of course, the first look shared between the bride and groom.


Now I'd like to hear about you!


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