Three reasons to get an engagement shoot

Should you get an engagement shoot?


Let me be honest from the jump: I’m speaking with a bias. Obviously I’d love for all my clients to get engagement shoots but it’s definitely not necessary to have a good wedding experience.

Here are three things to consider that I would say are benefits in getting an engagement shoot.

The first one is that it’s a great opportunity for the couple to get to know and to “vibe” with their photo-video team before the wedding. That’s gonna be very useful because it’s not always the easiest to show up on the day of and not have had any experiences. But again, it’s not the end of the world; not everyone gets engagement shoots and they still have great experiences.

The next benefit is to have an opportunity to be in front of the camera. Not all of us grew up as models in front of the lens and so it can be kind of intimidating having a lens point at you as well as having people stare at you. So, having that experience with the engagement shoot can be really helpful so that when you get to the wedding day, you’re a little bit more comfortable with that.

This will also tie into the kind of personality that’s behind the camera.

Lastly, if you get an engagement shoot, you have an opportunity to have some amazing content that you can share before your wedding to get everybody excited. You’ll have some great pictures for your wedding site. You can also have great pictures for your invitations and different materials.

Those are some reasons that you should get an engagement shoot.

But again…

This is not a necessity for the engagement period but it can enhance your wedding experience in general.

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