This is definitely one of the most epic Aperture Lane wedding films to date. I mean we had no choice; when the groom enters on a horse, the couple commits epic wedding vows, we have a reception full of surprises and we almost die in the heat to capture it all, I saw no other […]

Prasan & Katie’s Hindu and Chinese wedding fusion at Royal Ambassador, Caledon

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Jeff & Tracy’s “Chinidadian” (Chinese + Trinidadian) wedding was filled with diverse culinary experiences, jokes and lots of dancing. Jeff finds himself marrying into a family of dancers. I thought it was only Tracy, but obviously her father influenced her and her two sisters to appreciate latin-inspired footwork Notables On top of the willingness to […]

Jeff & Tracy’s outdoor wedding at Miller Lash House, Toronto

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Here is a couple that reminds me that it’s our unique quirks that make us who we are, and more so, make us lovable! It’s by these intricacies of our puzzle piece that locks in with the edges of “the one”, and makes us “perfect for one another”. Here is Paul & Marielle’s story Notables […]

Paul & Marielle – The greatest gift

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They say that rain on the wedding day is good luck. Well, last weekend in Toronto we had 3 days of non-stop from Thursday to Saturday. Paul and Marielle’s wedding was on the tail end of this monsoon. Needless to say, we have high hopes for their marriage! ​Honestly, I was a little deflated but […]

Paul & Marielle sneak peek

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