Paul & Marielle sneak peek

They say that rain on the wedding day is good luck. Well, last weekend in Toronto we had 3 days of non-stop from Thursday to Saturday. Paul and Marielle’s wedding was on the tail end of this monsoon. Needless to say, we have high hopes for their marriage!

​Honestly, I was a little deflated but Marielle was super prepared with stylish lace umbrellas for her and the bridesmaids, and a very adventurous spirit. The flashes of Chinese culture you see come from Paul and his maternal family. I’ve done Chinese weddings before but this was my first with dancing lions, something that has been on my wedding bucket list for a couple years now. Cross that one off!

Our day was filled with humour and hardy, jaw-aching laughs from morning prep all the way to the newly-wed’s closing speech. I’m excited to watch a few of these speeches again in the edit in a few weeks. We’ll have to fill ourselves with this sneak peek for now!

As we narrate together!

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