Paul & Marielle – The greatest gift

Here is a couple that reminds me that it’s our unique quirks that make us who we are, and more so, make us lovable! It’s by these intricacies of our puzzle piece that locks in with the edges of “the one”, and makes us “perfect for one another”. Here is Paul & Marielle’s story


1- Paul and Marielle’s wedding was on the tail end of one of the rainiest weekends in Toronto this past spring (2017). Despite my being a little deflated about the weather, Marielle, with her adventurous spirit, was super prepared with stylish lace umbrellas for her and the bridesmaids. I honestly didn’t know umbrellas came in lace!


2- ​For the couple, doing the creative shoot on the Glendon College campus of York University may have been based on location and availability, but for me, I got an opportunity to create on my old stomping grounds. There was sweet nostalgia, but also a bitter reminder of some of the toughest years of my life. Being a professional videographer (or working for myself, at that) wasn’t even on my radar in those days. Who’d have thought I’d be there to film on the same grounds where I studies languages and linguistics?

3- I got my first, long awaited opportunity to film dancing lions (cross it off the wedding bucket list). Incidentally, the groom himself has experience as one of the lion dancers. It most have been quite the experience being outside the lion for a change.

I hope you enjoyed Paul and Marielle’s film. As always, don’t be a stranger – let us know what you thought.

As we narrate together!

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