Snapshot of Christopher & Filomena’s intimate wedding at The Boulevard Club, Toronto

Let’s just say that for this wedding, the police had to come and get some guy for stealing the bride’s heart 👀🤪

Here’s a little snapshot of the intimate wedding we shot this past weekend. Though the wedding was small, Chris & Filomena’s Italian and Mexican families brought BIG love and enough heart for 250 people!

Our day starts at the groom preparations with Chris and his entourage in North York. Not only did we document the interactions in the morning, but we also took into account some requests. There were some very personal family heirlooms that our couple wanted to be represented in their film.

Off to the church!

After covering the preparations for the ladies, we arrive at St. Mary’s Parish in Downtown Toronto for the Catholic wedding ceremony. I’m going to be honest: generally, catholic ceremonies are quite uneventful. There is usually nothing special about them because they are all completely the same but our bride made this one interesting. She and her family arranged for a mariachi band to attend the ceremony and play at key times during the ceremony.

Police intervention

On our way to the reception venue, we stopped near Ontario Place to do some creative shots by the water with our new firends at Toronto Wedding Studios. We chose this spot because the bride had a very special connection with her late father involving the sea and the ocean. While we were there, our shoot was interrupted by the Toronto Police marine unit. See how that went below:

Intimate dance party

With quite the story to tell, we make our way to our final stop: The Boulevard Club. Here, our couple and 25-30 of their closest friends and family ate,connected over speeches and danced to the above-mentioned Mariachi band’s tunes for the rest of the evening.

As we narrate together

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