Nick & Taryn’s intimate wedding at The Doctor’s House, Vaughan

Filled with a clever balance of wit and sentimental regards, Nick and Taryn’s fun story reminds us of one of the reasons we do what we do: family

​The more I learn about the couple before the edit, the easier it is, not only to put the film together cohesively, but to also deliver a video that is true to them. This was easy for Nick and Taryn’s film!

For those of you who have been on this wild Aperture Lane Familia roller coaster ride long enough, you’ll recognize our groom’s handsome face from posts dating back to 2014. In addition to being a close friend of mine, Nick was my first shooting partner when I transitioned to weddings. He has since moved on to bigger and better things – one of which was Taryn. I’ve also known Taryn and her family for many years. In fact, I may have played the role of double agent during those tender months when they liked each other… and needed a little push in the right direction (i.e. – toward each other).

But even with my intimate understanding of their relationship, there are so many more perspectives – perspectives that are shared on the wedding day during speeches and in casual conversation during the wedding day, and learned from experiencing the day that the bride and groom crafted together.

Our couple’s small and intimate wedding reception at the Doctors House (Kleinburg, ON) had one of the best ensembles of speeches we recorded for that wedding season (if it’s not obvious yet, speeches are really important to what I do!). The good side is that I have great material to work with. The bad side is that some footage will have to be excluded from the final cut and it’s often not easy to choose. Nonetheless, I’m very happy with what I finished with and even happier to know that Nick and Taryn loved it too. And when my couples are happy, I am happy.

As we tell more stories together!

Other vendors

  • Beautiful Life Studios
  • The Doctor’s House

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