Jason & Christina’s Italian and Portuguese wedding at Eglinton Grand, Toronto

With a beautiful mix of wit and heart-felt expression, Jason and Cristina’s story reminds us that age is only a barrier if we let it, and that it takes courage to give our loved ones the best. They also remind us that blizzards are not enough to stop weddings in Canada!

​The bride preparations in the morning are usually quiet with a controlled group of people milling about. But, to my surprise, the doorbell kept ringing and the population in the living room kept increasing. I soon learned that Cristina’s family and close friends would get a sneak peek of her wedding-day swagger before the formalities of the ceremony. After all the ladies were ready, the bridesmaids headed down in single file, strutting their elegant dark green gowns followed by the bride herself. The wedding day started off with some midday wine and hors d’oeuvres. It was looking good!! ​


1- We got to do our creative session on top of the Thompson Hotel Downtown. Not only were we excited to do our first rooftop shoot, but the overcast day blessed us with beautiful soft light that allowed us to capture our subjects and the breath-taking view of Downtown Toronto from above. Some would see blowing snow and hail as a reason to stay inside, but Jason and Cristina were great sports and they ventured out to the 16th floor rooftop and allowed us to capture epic wind-ravaged footage of them and their family.

2- As we pulled up in the Eglinton and Avenue area, all our doubts about the reception venue location faded as we looked up and saw the marquee in bold letters on the Eglinton Grand Theatre:
“With you is my favourite place to be – Jason and Cristina”
The video title was already chosen for me! This couple was quickly climbing the cool scale in our eyes!

3- Andrea and I entered and we were greeted by a low-lit, 1920’s-like decor complete with crystalware, white florals, black furniture and uplighting to tie the look all together. The venue provided additional light for us, which, once we calibrated correctly, allowed us to get a dark and mysterious look that complemented the day. Oh, did I mention the movies that were being projected onto the wall?

4- After experiencing Trust and The Truly Band, I finally understand the appeal of a live band. These guys performed energizing covers of popular songs that got the crowd dancing multiple times throughout the reception – and this was before the full effect of the happy juice!

It was not an easy edit but I really enjoyed putting this one together as I laughed my head off at the speeches all over again. There’s so much that I had to cut but I’m very happy with the number of great lines we got from that night. Looking forward to creating more blockbusters like this one as we go through 2017!

As we narrate together!

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