Kwami & Perpetual’s Ghanaian wedding in Mississauga


Kwami and Perpetual exchanged vows and rings. They then went to sign their marriage documents in the common fashion but what happened after that totally caught us off-guard. At the end of the signing, the (worship) band picked up the tempo and members of the audience flooded to the front of the room. The once typical altar area accommodating the couple, their besties and the officiant turned into a dance floor of praise and worship as friends and family celebrated Kwami and Perpetual officially becoming a couple. It was at that point, I realized that these lovely people were going to put me and Tristan to work that day!

​Three days earlier, we captured Toks and Abiola’s traditional Nigerian celebration and learned that dancing every 15-20mins during each part of the day was the norm. Though Kwami and his bride were having a Ghanaian celebration, there were many similarities. Some of these similarities included:

  1. breaking into dance often, as mentioned before
  2. Family and friends “making it rain” on the couple by tossing dollar bills in the air
  3. The dances with the parents became an extended family affair after 2mins or so of the song as uncles, aunts, cousins and even friends joined them.
  4. The very strong family orientation of the events

The title of the video comes from the speech of the bride’s father. He opened his time on the mic recounting stages of Perpetual’s life from childhood all the way up to the couple’s courtship, leading each thought with the phrase, “it seems like yesterday. that…” Subsequently, their MC (who is probably the funniest wedding MC I can remember) made fun of him and roasted him for the rest of night. Perpetual even poked fun a little during her speech, but he took it well! There were lots of moments where people talked about points in the couple’s history and I thought I’d play with that theme for this video.

Besides the liveliness of the day, one of my favourite parts of this wedding was the dance crew who performed during the reception. One thing I admire about K & P was their very humble and calm attitudes throughout the day. Even in the face of snags in the schedule, they were pretty even-headed and just went with the flow. They are a grateful couple; you could see it in, again, their attitudes towards mishaps in the day, and also how they thanked everyone deeply with sincere hearts. They even thanked us for showing up when we arrived in the morning for preps! It’s this attitude that I think helped make their day so special – not just for them, but for Team Aperture Lane too.

And on that note, I bring the first 2017 entry to a close. Oh, and by the way: Happy New Year!! I look forward to sharing more stories with you and to start sharing more advice entries in the next few months. Stay tuned!


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  • Paris Audrey Photography
  • Payal Banquets and Convention Centre
  • Royal Panache Weddings and Events

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