Elton & Stephanie sneak peek

I started 2017 with a bang! As some of you may know, I moved living and office spaces this past December. With just over half of the unpacking done, I was off to Georgia, USA with some of my crew to Elton and Stephanie’s wedding weekend. I’ve attended Chinese weddings before but I learned a lot of “super-traditional” things at this one, courtesy of the bride’s mother. Some of these traditions started the night before the wedding; I’ll try to feature these in the final film in several weeks.

​This sweet couple is the second YYZ-ATL (Toronto-Atlanta) love affair that I’ve captured in the last six months, and Canada gets the win on this one as Elton plans to join his bride here in the tundra (Side note: the other is Jamaal & Alisha, whose feature is coming soon!). Elton and Stephanie are very dear to me and, not only did I have the honour of capturing their day, but I also had quite a few more roles for the weekend. One of those roles will be obvious when you watch the video.

Big shout-out to JP Framework, who partnered with me to capture the celebrations, and to all the other great vendors I worked with along the way. Enjoy the sneak peek!

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