Chris & Katya’s engagement shoot in Waterloo

​Enjoy the little things. These are clips from Chris and Katya’s engagement concept film. It worked out well with the Thanksgiving theme!

I love doing engagement concepts before the wedding. Apart from getting VIP access to the couple for an evening, I get to create a film with a more unique feel.

A few months before their wedding, Milan and I met with Chris and Katya to film a short concept video for their engagement. Our time with them ended up being shared with their photographer, Shannon Robbins Photography.

Given that we are not shooting a full wedding, our engagement concept videos usually look a bit different. We have more time (and less pressure) to execute more creative shots than we do on the wedding day. However, the auditory portion of the story-telling is a bit trickier. For Chris and Katya’s video, I decided to plug into their creativity and have them share about what they mean to each other. The resulting comments absolutely represent their quirky, playful, but solid love for one another.
My initial vision of putting together an elegant and sweet piece was shattered (which is good). Despite having interacted with our couple beforehand, I got to finally see them with their guard down and with an excitement to create a narrative true to their relationship.

As always, I’d love to know what you think! Enjoy!

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