Duane & Renée’s all white wedding at Paradise Banquet Hall, Vaughan

I finally get to present this truly unique wedding film, featuring Duane and Renée’s white themed wedding. It was such a sick experience blending in with the sea of white and having the privilege of being THE videographer for this occasion. Here’s the story of these wild hearts unchained.

Duane and Renée – where do I start? Well, I can tell you that after Renée booked us for the wedding, she sent another email saying, “Oh, by the way, it’s an all white theme and I’m requesting that all the guests and vendors dress in all white”. Umm… can you say “giddy”? And that I was for the several months leading up to the wedding! A week before the wedding, I scoured Yorkdale mall looking for white pants. Let’s just say, if you need recommendations on where to find those there, I got you!



Did I mention it was all white? I wouldn’t say I’m a pessimist – I’m more balanced and realistic, and I prepare for the worst case scenario (it’s an essential trait for doing event work, which is highly unpredictable!), so I was honestly expecting a guest or two to forget it was a white theme and show up in black, red or some other colour that would have them standout like a sore thumb. But from what I saw – and I see EVERYTHING – every single guest and active vendor was dressed in all white. Everyone was on point! There was this one guy who wore a pink shirt with his white suit and tie, but I saw him very briefly. He must have sat at the back or went and changed lol.


Grand Entrance
The couple strutted into the hall to Bob Marley’s “This is love”. Unlike your typical grand entrance where the guests welcome the couple from their seats, they all assembled at the perimetre of the dance floor and welcomed them in. When Duane and Renée arrived on the vinyl, they greeted people, shaking their hands. Soon after, the circle of family closed around them and they transitioned to their first dance surrounded by the love and energy from their closest friends and family. It was just beautiful


​Tied for first place with the entrance as my favourite moment from the day was when Duane’s aunt hijacked her sister’s speech. Duane’s mother was speaking to us all and was getting choked up. She stopped for a moment to swab her tears and recompose herself when suddenly, her sister same to the podium. She relieved her of the mic saying, “Lemme help you”, and proceeded to do her own speech. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a place for the mic-swiping, but his aunt does appear just before the 5-minute mark in the film commending the couple in Jamaican Patois. Perhaps I’ll make a post on it later. It was absolutely hilarious!

The food was amazing… but I’m Jamaican born so I do have a bias towards Caribbean food – hehehe. It was definitely a night to remember. Weddings as unique as this one are few and far in between so I feel so grateful to have had the privilege of capturing this one. Big-ups (shout-outs) to Duane and Renée for, not only putting together such a stunning event, but for sharing their story and lives with us. Until the next post!

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