Charles & Jamie’s wedding at Terrace Banquet Hall, Vaughan

Here is our most recent survival story. Charles, our groom, escaped the Friend Zone after over a decade of captivity. However, because of this time there, he and Jamie have a strong foundation of friendship and support for one another, which will undoubtedly give their marriage a solid base to stand on. Here is their story!

​I didn’t know the story beforehand but it seemed that everyone who took the mic that night had something to say about the origins and time frame of Charles and Jamie’s relationship. As heard in the video, their relationship started from the tender years of high school. Charles used his performance with his dance crew as an opportunity to give his crush a rose. With that started their long friendship. Not only was it the case for their couple, but also for most of the wedding party; the strong connection between friends was felt from the morning prep all the way to the reception.

This time cultivating his relationship with Jamie must have felt like a thousand y… Wait! Is that why they did their first dance to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri (which is the inspiration for some of the song choice in this film)? I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I’m literally drawing this connection now as I write up the blog months later! Slow clap for Ryan! Sneaky, sneaky Charles!

​Aside from that, speakers also commented on the character of our couple, mentioning their selflessness, warmth and dedication to serving others. I could not agree more – when a bride asks me constantly throughout the day if I’ve eaten enough, I know it’s going to be a great day! Even to this day, I’m still benefitting from their kindness!

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