Jamaal & Alisha’s Nikkah and wedding at Angus Glen Golf Club & Markham Convention Centre

Jamaal and Alisha are definitely our most memorable long distance couple of 2017. Alisha represents Toronto in this relationship, but after their union, she moves to Atlanta to be with her sweet heart, Jamaal. With the strong bolds of these families, I feel for her family as they send her off BUT it makes so much sense with the way Jamaal and Alisha are perfect for one another.

​We start our Friday at Alisha’s house and Jamaal’s aunt’s respectively. We did our usual prep work but, for the first time, I got to capture some Henna touch-ups. This was done the night before, as is tradition for a Nikkah (muslim wedding), but sometimes a girl needs her touch-ups! Jamaal sees his bride for the first time as she is walked down the aisle by her brother and father at Agnus Glen Golf Club. It was beautiful.

Our more emotional Day Two puts me back at the home of Alisha’s family, but Jamaal is a little closer at the Hilton Suites at Warden and Kennedy. Everyone is crying and tearing up at Alisha’s house. The tears dry up just in time for Jamaal to arrive for the first look. Usually we suggest having a first look at a park for the sake of the scenery and for transitioning into photos but our bride insisted on doing it at her home. She really wanted her parents and her squad (wedding party) to be nearby to share the moment with them. With such loyalty to family, we couldn’t disagree. I think she could have also wanted to take in the last few minutes she would be spending at that residence. Nonetheless, it was a unique first look and still gorgeous!

After pictures, we find ourselves at Scarborough Convention Centre for our reception. The highlight of our night was definitely scrambling to get the same-day edit done AND experiencing a room of 400+ people watching my, Andrea’s and Zim’s collective work shown on four giant screens. I guess this might be the only time it’s not creepy to watch other people watch TV! See the same-day edit here below

​You may have noticed the song, “By your side” by Brooke Annibale, in both videos. The theme of the wedding that the Jensen Captures Photography team and I put together was “airplanes”. Our groom works in the aviation field and Alisha it often on planes to see him. So, we did their engagement shoot at a private airport. Yea – no big deal (actually, I was freaking out!) See a link to that album at the end of the article.


photos courtesy of Jensen Captures Photography

I’m so grateful for this musical find as the chorus fits their relationship so perfectly:

“No more airplanes
no more long good-byes
​‘cause I’m staying right by your side”

Thanks, Brooke!

After holding it together while capturing probably the most emotional reception speeches and traditions of the summer (to date), we end the night in the typical fashion at our Guyanese weddings: Tassa! I really enjoyed spending the weekend with Jamaal and Alisha. However, I was also REALLY glad to hit my bed after a 22-hour shift!

This blog marks a bittersweet close to this wedding project, BUT… I’m definitely going to take up Jamaal and Alisha’s invitation to swim in their pool in Georgia, or to at least stay in touch (until things cool down south of the border)!

Until the next story!

Pictures from the engagement shoot

Other vendors:

  • Jensen Captures Photography
  • Eye Khandii
  • Envy Makeup Artistry
  • Angus Glen Golf Club
  • Scarborough Convention Centre
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