Be patient with your vendors

As we approach the one-year mark of the pandemic lockdowns, let it never be said that I’m discounting the experience of wedding couples in these times.

I know it’s super frustrating having to cancel, or postpone your wedding – even multiple times. It’s costing extra money, way more time spent planning, and emotions connected to a wedding that never existed prior. The uncertainty can make the possibility of your celebration even happening seem bleak.

This is not a cry for attention or pity, but just some behind-the-scenes perspective:

Your wedding vendors need some love too.

Aside from bleeding money like an offering to the sun god, we’re also:
• having our own mental health battles
• learning new skills so we can pivot
• dealing with overloaded government websites, begging for financial support
• navigating the fine print and contradictions of said websites
• watching some of our friends close down their businesses
• constantly reflecting on the viability of our own businesses
• educating couples on why the price has not gone down in proportion to their guest count or hours

Oh, and
• dealing with the OTHER aspects of our lives outside of work.

Just to name a few…

With all that going on, we try to show up consistently to provide meaningful content for you, reply to your emails, develop our skills, and help make sense of the chaos for you, all with no promise of the future reopening (I know – it sounds depressing).

So yea, there are gonna be occasional emails pending for several days. There will be questions we can’t answer… and there will be questions that have answers you will not like.

But let’s keep the grace a two-way thing. Remember the trust you had when you first signed on to work with us. Remember the excitement you had picturing your vendor team bringing your vision to life. Remember the understanding we showed when you needed to postpone your event.

Take those glimpses of hope and extend the same measure of compassion on these “strangers” who are working hard for you and…

Be patient with your wedding vendors.

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