Welcome to Aperture Lane

This has been a long time coming. I often get the following request: Tell me about Aperture Lane. It’s been almost six years of building my wedding videography brand and I feel that I only now understand it well enough to not only explain it but to teach my team. 

In the early years, I learned about using my cinematic storytelling skills for not only weddings, but also helping other businesses to explain their brands. Soon after, I worked alongside different business owners to tell the story of their own brands. While it was a great experience to help others, eventually the thought came into my head: 

Shouldn’t I be doing one of these for Aperture Lane as well??

Like many housekeeping projects, this one got put on the back burner for the last few years not without its frequent reminders prompted by doing other business videos and seeing others.

Better late than never

I believe everything happens for a reason. This includes the timing of every situation (though in practice, I make that belief questionable sometimes). After a year and a half of planning, shooting, documenting, editing and learning intentionally for this project, it’s finally done.

It’s not perfect… and I’d be a fool to think it would ever be. But it’s READY. 

Big shout-outs to my wonderful Aperture Lane couples that have been a part of this adventure and have contributed to my journey of building the brand. I also want to reiterate my gratitude for my wonderful team – Andrea, Tristan & Reva – for not only helping to capture all these moments, but supporting me along the way as I figure everything out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the first “Welcome to Aperture Lane” video. Comment below or let me know on your preferred social media platform! Until the next post!

As we narrate together!

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