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So, you know those love stories where the North American girl goes to Europe and falls in love with a French man with an accent? Yea, well, this one of those! I’m very excited to present Pierre and Debbie’s love story: This is definitely the farthest and “most foreign” place I’ve been to shoot a […]

Pierre & Debbie’s destination wedding in Paris, France

Destination weddings

“Where you go, I will go. Where you live, I will live. Your people will be my people and your God will be my God. May God deal with me severely if anything but death separates me from you”. These words, taken from the story of Ruth in the Bible, at the beginning of their […]

Pierre & Debbie sneak peek

Destination weddings, Sneak Peeks

I started off my 2017 capturing the story of a very fun and genuine couple. I don’t just say this for a cool opening sentence, but you can see it in the visuals and hear it as their friends and family comment on their character and strong faith, which was key in their long-distance relationship. […]

Elton & Stephanie – The wow factor

Destination weddings

I started 2017 with a bang! As some of you may know, I moved living and office spaces this past December. With just over half of the unpacking done, I was off to Georgia, USA with some of my crew to Elton and Stephanie’s wedding weekend. I’ve attended Chinese weddings before but I learned a […]

Elton & Stephanie sneak peek

Destination weddings, Sneak Peeks

Adrian and Tenn-lai’s passion for each other led them to sunny Runaway Bay in Jamaica for their destination wedding. The attendance was quite a testament to the strong and supportive community around them as 120 people attended, with only a very small percentage hailing from the locales. As my first destination wedding shoot outside of […]

Adrian & Tenn-lai – The couple we become

Destination weddings

We had landed in Calgary some days before and now it was time to drive to Okotoks, a town about an hour drive away. Andrea and I arrived at the Cannon Estate navigating on gravel roads. We had doubts of where we were but soon the canopy of the tent emerged from behind the trees […]

Derek & Annie’s outdoor wedding in Calgary, AB

Destination weddings

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