Mauro & Kristine’s winter wedding in Cambridge, ON

My relationship with Mauro and Kristine starts long before their wedding inquiry. Kristine has actually been a loyal friend to my family for years before Mauro came into the picture. I knew one day, with all her admirable qualities, Kristine would eventually lock it down with a man worth her time and emotions. Fortunately, Mauricio is that man.

Our couple’s wedding was held at The Pines, a small, intimate event venue in Cambridge, ON. They opted for a traditional itinerary where Mauro would not see Kristine until the ceremony so we documented getting-ready moments from the grooms entourage, the bride tribe and then head to The Pines for the remainder of the day.

Because of the size of this wedding and the huge percentage of people that knew each other, the event had a very chill and familial vibe from the way the different pods of guests interacted, the raw humour in the speeches and, especially, how quickly people got on the dance floor (and how consistently they stayed there).


Behind the edit

“By your Side”

The title for this film was inspired by both the opening snippet from Mauro’s vows and by one of the songs I used to score the film. The song, “By your side” by Marie Hines, was perfect for Mauro and Kristine’s story. This is because Mauro and Kristine have been in a long distance relationship the whole time they’ve been together. As Mauro is from Texas and Kristine from here in Toronto, I’m pretty sure they long for days when the lyrics of the Marie Hines chorus apply to them:

No more airplanes,
No more long good-byes,
’cause I’m staying right by your side

The Dance

As I mentioned above, the party portion of this reception was pretty live, despite being many people having to travel far to get home (or was it live because of that?). The team captured loads of great footage of people having a good time, so I had to make sure I choose a good, lively song to reflect that. Thanks to Music Bed, I found “Like this, like that” by Lady Bri. It was perfect!


Was that you?

Right – I forgot to mention that I was a part of the wedding party during this wedding. So because of that, I only shot about 2% of the footage you saw in this video. The rest was taken care of by Tristan and Reva. I’m usually front and centre leading the charge but for this one, I had to trust my team to deliver… and boy did they!


A big shout-out to Kristine and Mauro for giving me the honour of standing by their side (see what I did there?) for their wedding and also coordinating the documenting of their beautiful milestone. As always, let me know what you guys think about this post and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

As we narrate together!

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