The pandemic and the resulting restrictions have put us in this awkward situation where we want to celebrate our lives but our loved ones can't join us. 

Livestreaming your event may be the answer. 

Virtual weddings

You could get a friend to stream your wedding on Facebook live. It may come out a bit shaky with some awkward angles. It might be really hard for your virtual guests to hear what's going on. 


The good thing is that you're here because you're looking for a professional solution. You're looking for someone to take care of it so you're not fumbling with links and passwords on your wedding day. You want the same confidence in the stream as with your other vendors because quality is important. 

Professional-Quality Livestreaming

My team and I offer a professional livestream service that includes:

multiple camera angles so your guests can see the action from more than just a phone in the aisle

professional audio so your guests can clearly hear what's going on

link handling so you don't have to borrow someone's Zoom password or have to restart after 45mins

a high-quality back-up in case of connection loss because internet connections are unpredictable

I received a lot of positive words about “the video guys” on the day because of the warm and friendly atmosphere they helped create [...] We will always be grateful for Ryan and his team and their ability to go the extra mile with their personal touch and professionalism. To anyone planning a special day, you will feel confident and secure in choosing Aperture Lane

• Yan J.

Below you'll find information for the most common arrangements for livestreams. Treat these arrangements as starting points.

Since no two celebrations are identical, I encourage you to reach out for further customization if you don't find an arrangement that suits your needs. 

Please also take some time to review the livestream requirements and F.A.Q.s below


Livestream II

Your event will be streamed with 2-3 camera angles depending on the layout of the space. We will use high quality cameras and microphones to deliver an enhanced quality to your guests.

After the event, a high-quality version of the stream will be edited and delivered to you via private online collection for you to share and download. 

•2-3 camera angles
•professional audio 
•high-quality recording available 
•Online collection with final videos

Livestream I

Your event will be streamed with 1-2 camera angles depending on the layout of the space. We will use high quality cameras and microphones to deliver an enhanced quality to your guests.

After the event, the livestream-quality version of the video will be edited and delivered to you via private online collection for you to share and download. You will have the option to upgrade to a high-quality version of the video

•1-2 camera angles
•professional audio 
•livestream recording available 
•Online collection with final videos

Express Edit

In the absence of a stable and reliable internet connection, your event can still be filmed with 2-3 professional camera angles and high-quality audio. 

However, instead of broadcasting the event live, the footage will be edited and delivered to you by the end-of-day in most cases. Though it is not live, you'll still be able to share the event while it is fresh. 

You will have the option to add on a watch-party where we will host a Zoom call for you and your loved ones to watch the video together. 

•2-3 camera angles
•professional audio 
•high-quality recording available 
•Online collection with final videos

Because of all the factors that go into producing a successful livestream, final pricing for your package will be issued after a short consultation. If you haven't already, please inquire.

Livestream packages start at $800
Significant discounts available when bundled with videography

All arrangements are subject to 13% Ontario HST

Your collection may be subject to a travel fee

Requirements for a successful LIVESTREAM

Producing a professional stream is not as easy as whipping out your phone and going live. We require the factors below to provide the best results:

Access to the event space at least 90 minutes before start time to set up and do testing

A table. A computer workstation is required to run and monitor the stream during your event. Ask your venue about providing this space for us to work.

Access to power. In order to power a computer and the different pieces of equipment for long periods of time, we will need access to an electrical socket.

A stable and reliable internet connection. Of course, we will need a strong WiFi connection or wired connection to livestream. In the absence of these at your venue, mobile internet options are available but are only reliable if the venue has good cellphone reception.

We highly recommend you confirm these 4 factors before booking your livestreaming

When should I book?

If you're booking your livestream with videography, as soon as possible. We work with a limited number of events each month.

If you're booking a livestream as a standalone service, around 2 months from the event is a good time to book.

Bookings are locked in on a first-come-first-serve basis.

I’m concerned about booking with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 restrictions. What happens if I need to reschedule my wedding?

Your concerns are totally valid. For weddings in 2020 and 2021, there will be no penalties for rescheduling your wedding due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic. Your deposit is transferrable to your new event as long as we are available. If we are not available for your new date, you can transfer your deposit payment to another photography or videography service offered by Aperture Lane.

What if I can't provide the 4 requirements for a successful livestream?

Unfortunately, without these 4 things, the chances of having a successful stream are very low. However, you'll still be able to order an Express Edit, where we will film and edit your wedding without broadcasting it. 

What platform do you use for the livestream?

Without getting too technical, our platform of choice at the moment is Zoom. Most people are familiar with this platform, which provides a better experience them.

Zoom will also allow more control and interaction for your virtual guests. In the case that you want to have a two-way conversation during the downtime, the platform lends itself well to that.  

We can also use Youtube.

We have a team of 2 or 3 persons that come depending on the logistics and size of the event.

One team member will be monitoring the livestream, and communicating with your virtual guests when necessary. The other member(s) of the team will be operating the cameras with the alternate angles. 

Who comes to shoot the event?

One of the focuses of our workflow at weddings and events is to be non-obtrusive. During the ceremony and reception, we shoot the action from as far away as possible being mindful of guest experience. 

Past couples in their reviews have mentioned things like “They captured each and every key moment without us even knowing they were there” and “We loved how inconspicuous they were while filming, and the polished look of the final videos.”

Worried about my guests’ experience with all the cameras…

After finalizing your arrangement, you reserve us for your day with a signed agreement and deposit.

How do I secure the booking?

What is the payment structure?

Once your contract is signed, I require 50% of the service fee to reserve your date(s).

One week before the event, you can pay the remaining balance.

Payment in full is required before any files or collections are delivered. 

We go in with a spirit of collaboration to ensure that all vendors we work alongside can do their jobs in the best way possible. This is especially important with photographers since we work so closely with them. We communicate our plans with each other to minimize clashing as much as possible.  It also helps that most of our team has a photography background!

How do you work with photographers?

How long will it take to get my collection?

Your collection with your videos can be processed and delivered within a week of your event.

If you ordered an Express Edit, that will be delivered the same evening of the event or the following day, depending on when our coverage ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

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