Kevin & Melissa's cottage elopement in the Kawartha region, Ontario -

Kevin & Melissa’s cottage elopement in the Kawartha region, Ontario

I was very fortunate to be connected with Melissa in the final stages of their planning. Though there wasn’t much time to get to know one another in the planning, I feel like we found the magic on the day of the wedding, ESPECIALLY when they quoted The Office in their wedding vows.

I later found out that she would have been happy to let me film their wedding in the style of The Office. 👀

(For those of you who’ve been following for a while, you know one of my dreams is to shoot a vlog-style wedding video with style elements of that show)

Dang… 😂

But I think it worked out for the best because this film gives me the feels all the time. Hope you all enjoy too it!

As we narrate together

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