Fervin & Jasmine

​Fervin and Jasmine are one of the most fun-loving and easy-going couples I’ve had the privilege of working with. Their lightheartedness shone bright from their attitude towards the inclement weather before their ceremony all the way to care-free dancing by the couple accompanied by their friends and family.

As we drove to the Crosswinds Golf Club, I was a bit apprehensive about the weather. I’ve never shot a wedding ceremony that got completely rained out; it’s always worked out that the rain stopped at the right time or the ceremony was delayed until a clearing passed over. However, this one really pushed the limits of my confidence. There was “spitting” rain the entire day following the downpour earlier in the morning. As we set up our cameras for the procession, I nervously wiped away a noticeable layer of water built up from the falling mist. I didn’t want to have to pack up and compete for shelter with thousands of dollar of equipment dragging behind me.

As the decorators arrived to prepare the hedged courtyard, I was reminded of Jasmine’s sunshiny personality as they laid down floral arrangements featuring sunflowers. With the light from the overcast sky, the colours from the flowers popped against the misty curtain. There was hope! Everyone’s prayers were answered and the showers were kept at bay, not only for the ceremony, but for the rest of the day.


A couple notables from this day:

Six years of Fervin waiting and a couple years or dating culminated in Fervin watching Jasmine walk towards the alter for over a minute. In procession time, that’s a lot! It just just long enough for him to cave to the tears (and so did she!). If there was a bet, he definitely lost it!

​Fervin and Jasmine entered the reception separately to their own choreographed routines. These combined and concluded with conga line that serpented its way through the tables as they high-fived as many guests as possible on route.



Jasmine’s dad sang “Wonderful World” (by Louis Armstrong) to the couple at the beginning of his speech. It wasn’t an Armstrong voice but it was not weak in passion! 😉

We shot another style of money dance! Previous versions of the money dance involved “making it rain (bills)” on the couple while they dance. Others involved simply stuffing the money in pockets, under straps and really anything that would hold the cash – without violating the the recipients, of course! However, this time each participating guests got a clip and attached the money to the either the bride or the groom for a chance to dance one-on-once for a part of the song. I much prefer this variation!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of Fervin and Jasmine’s day. As always, I’d love to hear what you think.

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