Derek & Annie’s outdoor wedding in Calgary, AB

We had landed in Calgary some days before and now it was time to drive to Okotoks, a town about an hour drive away. Andrea and I arrived at the Cannon Estate navigating on gravel roads. We had doubts of where we were but soon the canopy of the tent emerged from behind the trees and we knew we were in the right place. Andrea and I pulled up along the gravel driveway to the sight of family and friends calmly buzzing about getting the last batch of the preparations done for the festivities the following day. The family and friends were enough to get us excited but there were a few other things that made this wedding so cool:

1) The ceremony was held in the vicinity of a gazebo that the groom’s father had built himself (and was even still putting the final touches on that week). Basically he thought, “I’ve always wanted to build a gazebo; I guess the wedding would be a good occasion to finally get it done”. I wish I could just build a gazebo


2) The reception was done entirely in a giant tent (enough said).

3) Because the wedding was held on a ranch, there was no need for looking for photo locations and their corresponding permits; we literally had acres and acres of place to play with. We captured footage in an abundance of green with options of trees, no tress, short trees, tall trees, etc.


​4) The timing of the weather worked out! There was a storm the night before. There was also rain on the morning of the wedding, but luckily for us, the rain stopped with enough time for us to do the ceremony and rush inside for the reception. In addition, because the sky was cloudy with hints of sun rays, the lighting was PERFECT.

5) The centrepieces and lilacs in the decorations were very inexpensively acquired. The wood was chopped from logs on the grounds and the lilacs (I heard) were picked and donated. These were the most unique centrepieces I’ve ever encountered


6) The wedding favours were these really cool, brightly coloured sunglasses, which many guests wore while they were dancing.
7) The atmosphere was great! People were lighthearted, the vows and the speeches were well done, and most of the guests danced at the end of the light.

​Despite the difficulties throughout the day, like getting electricity to certain parts of the tent and figuring out temperature control, it was a great experience shooting a wedding in a different province, totally “outside” (cross those off my event videography bucket list!). Kudos to the bride and the groom, whose creativity and ambition made this unique event come to life. And of course, congratulations to Derek and Annie in their new beginning!

Please let me know what you think of the video!

Other vendors the made it possible:
Higuchi photos, Hansel & Gretel catering, Good Time Party Rentals, Calgary Audio & Sound, Celebration Creation Linens, Safeway flowers, Southland transportation

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