Choosing a videographer – Part 4 – Meet the vendors

So, we talked about style, visuals, and audio. Here’s the fourth piece I think is important when you’re choosing your wedding videographer

Now that you’ve gone through the videos and you know you like the style and you’re like, “I think we’re ready”, I think it’s also important to learn more about the studio, the individual or the team that you want to work with.

The first thing I would suggest is going on their About page and reading more about them.

The next thing I would suggest is visiting their social media and just looking at their posts in order to learn more about them. I recommend this because social media will be updated more often than a website (generally).

The next big thing is just to meet them. Have a conversation or have a consultation if the first two are not satisfactory. The reason I say this is because, yes, you may be guaranteed a certain style or you know the quality based on who you hire, but you also want to have a good connection with them.

You’re going to be with this photographer and/or videographer for the whole day of the wedding. You may want your vendors as people that you can see yourself with for the whole day. This is true not only on the wedding day, but you’re also going to be communicating with these vendors for months on end (or you’re going to be subjecting your planner to communication with these vendors), so you want to get a feel or what you’re getting into.

Nowadays with weddings being postponed, you may be going back and forth with these people for up to two years. Thus, you want to make sure that this is somebody you want in your life for this long.

At the end of the day, learn more about your vendors before you book them and let that be a part of your decision-making process.

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