Aperture Lane 2020 Moments

I present the annual Aperture Lane Moments video, chock-full of nostalgia and gratitude!

Of course, last year was a VERY different kind of year so I decided to majorly change up the way I summarized the year also.

A BIG thank you to everyone for their small and large way they contributed to keeping my hope alive through last year…

But hey, I won’t spoil it for you – go watch it and show some love!

This year has been a hard year for all of us. We’ve all had to put something on hold, whether that’s a wedding, travel, family time, ventures, you name it.

We were locked up in our homes and thought it would be a couple weeks and it’s probably going to be for longer than a year. 

But the human spirit has prevailed. We realized that events may have been cancelled but love wasn’t.

We adapted. With hand sanitizer, protocols, and masks to match every outfit, we pushed through “the new normal” 

In this new normal, we personify a year and a virus and we all agreed: 2020 sucks

But I do owe 2020 some thanks.

With the pandemic, there’s perspective:

I’ve learned lessons: lessons of priorities, hope, resilience, courage and perspective.

So thank you, 2020. Thanks for the unsolicited advice that’s making me stronger. Thank you for this rough chapter in my life that I’m going to tell others about one day that will encourage them in their journey.

And thank YOU ALL. 

Thank you to all the followers and supporters,  The friends, family, friendors, fellow creatives who have cheered us on.

Thank you to my couples and clients who went forward with their plans in 2020, showing us that life was not cancelled and helped keep the dream alive. Thanks for making us a part of your 2020

Thank you to my couples who’ve moved their weddings because of the conviction to preserve their vision for this milestone time in their lives. I’m so privileged to be a part of your special day and I can’t wait to help you share your stories. 

Thank you to my team for stepping into the unknown with me this year (in 2020) with patience, loyalty, wisdom and encouragement. 

Thanks, everyone, for being a part of my story. I’m grateful to have our timelines intersect.

Thought we are apart, these stories will bring – and keep – us all together. 

Happy New Year, Aperture Lane familia!

As we narrate together!

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